Human Capital Assessment – ensuring the right people at the right place

To provide information of management capabilities, competence and skills for each position as well as to select the right executives for the right position, we offer to conduct a management assessment for a defined number of executives within your organization/company. The goal is to receive a benchmark for the leadership potential, an input to the match between future strategy and present competencies, and a guideline for succession planning and executive development, in order to meet the future organizational requirements.

Case Rose International’s model on Human Capital Assessment is one of the sharpest tools available when organizations want to make sure that they are continuously able to attract, retain and develop the right people to the right place within the organization.

Once a clear picture of an organization’s resources is provided, it is easier to plan ahead. During mergers, takeovers, change of leadership or when succession plans have too much white space, there is often a need to quickly identify the skills and potential already present at management level. In most companies there is an on-going need for development, when it comes to motivating management to strive towards new strategic goals.

Through our tailored programs we use a variety of tools to identify the leaders within an organization, whilst clarifying the organization’s development needs and ability to deal with current and future strategic issues. There might be untapped resources within the company, staff potentially capable of developing into dynamic leaders and of driving the business forward.

Some of the key features of our value proposition include:

  • We have a designated assessment team in not only Denmark, but in most countries.
  • We have a systematic qualitative and quantitative assessment process.
  • We can start quickly. We are one of the largest international executive search firms with a strong and well reputed presence in Denmark. We have 90 offices around the world in more than 55 countries.
  • We have trust and credibility with experience from Scandinavian, European and global leadership assessments covering up to 300 executives/managers per assignment.
  • Our assessment is based on strategic needs with future skill requirements, not of past success.
  • We have a range of psychometric measures and leadership assessment tools to support our findings by measurable data
  • We deliver a rapid deployment of key people and top performers, and help identify existing and hidden talents.
  • We give you input on increased awareness of challenges and options.
  • We support you in uniting the team and offer input to overall organization structure.
  • Our results will improve satisfaction and grant the retention of key executives.
  • Our finding will result in improved ROI in key executives’ coaching and development.
  • If conclusions find that a given team needs amendments, alterations or additions to the skills and competencies at hand, Case Rose International is able to provide an immediate executive search solution – seamlessly.